5 templates to help you achieve your fitness goals

Striving to live a healthier life? Notion is here to support you with our tailored fitness templates! Designed to guide you on your fitness journey, these five templates work in unison to bring structure, motivation, and clarity to your health goals. Covering the spectrum of physical well-being, from tracking your progress and planning your meals to detailing your exercise routines, this collection allows you to craft a personalized fitness plan.

By helping you stay organized and committed, these templates ease the process of transforming fitness resolutions into daily habits. Ideal for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike, our collection is a versatile tool for your wellness journey. Dive in, and let Notion be your reliable partner in paving your path to better health and fitness.

1Fitness Tracking Template

Track your bodyweight and calories whilst you get in shape.

- Personal bests

- Daily entry

- Weekly averages

- Weekly progress photos

A template preview for Fitness Tracking Template

2Running journal

The Running Journal can help you monitor your progress as you move through your running program, allowing you to look back over a detailed record of your running history. It helps you stay focused and motivated in your running journey. Moreover, you can keep track of your records and shoes' lifespan, which helps to avoid injuries.

A template preview for Running journal

3Fitness planner

Great for fitness enthusiasts who have clients and want to share dynamic content. You can create specialized programs to keep track of exercise history and workouts. Ditch the static PDF and share this page to the web to create an editable fitness webpage.

A template preview for Fitness planner

4Habit tracker

Keep yourself accountable by tracking your habits everyday. With Notion's button block, you can easily check off completed habits for the day with a single click. Whether you're trying to drink more water, exercise regularly, or meditate every day, this template will help you build healthy habits with ease.

A template preview for Habit tracker

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