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Manage client acquisition, client onboarding, and your current clients all in one tab. Whether you have to organize meetings, write client notes, or orchestrate project plans alongside your team. Do it with the help of my free client manager dashboard.
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Streamline your client management with my comprehensive notion template

This client manager dashboard template for Notion is designed to help you stay organized and enhance your productivity. It includes three tables: Outreach, Onboarding, and Clients. Each table has essential data points and status-tracking features to ensure you have all the necessary information for your client management workflow.

This template is perfect for those who need a quick template setup to manage clients that they can build on to suit their needs. Whether you have a small or medium business, this should do the trick.

Key Features:
Outreach Table: Track potential clients with data points like Client Name, Phone, Email Address, Company, Date, and more. This table ensures you can efficiently manage your outreach efforts and follow up with leads seamlessly.

Onboarding Table: Simplify the onboarding process with columns for Client Name, Company, Onboarding Status, Documents Required, and Feedback. Keep your onboarding process structured and ensure new clients have a smooth start.

Clients Table: Maintain detailed records of your clients with fields such as Client Name, Company, Contact Information, Services Provided, Payment Status, and more. This table helps you keep track of ongoing client relationships and ensures timely renewals and satisfaction.

Why choose my client manager dashboard template?
Organized and Intuitive: my template is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and manage your client data.

Customizable: Tailor the template to fit your specific needs. Add, remove, or modify columns to match your workflow.

Multi-use: My template has many uses, including but not limited to, client management, outreach tracking, onboarding process, client database, CRM template, and a general Notion client dashboard, ensuring it is easily discoverable by those seeking efficient client management solutions such as small business owners, sales teams, account managers, freelancers, consultants, hobbyists or anyone looking to enhance their client management process.

The Cost: It's FREE!

Stay organized, improve your workflow, and ensure your clients receive the timely service they deserve.

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