Buyer Persona Worksheet

Create a detailed customer profile to customize your sales and marketing strategies for your target audience.
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Build Amazing Customer Profiles with this Easy-to-Use Template

Want to connect with your perfect customers? This Notion worksheet (with instructions and examples) is your secret weapon! It helps you understand exactly who your ideal customers are and what they need.

What Does This Do For You?

Target the Right People: Your marketing and sales messages will hit the mark, attracting the customers you really want.

Sell Them What They Need: Focus on the problems you can solve for your customers.


Deep Customer Understanding: Learn about age, goals, challenges, what they care about, and how they make decisions.

Simple and Guided: Clear steps and real-world examples make this easy for you and any clients you work with.

Inside the Template:

Customizable Worksheet: Fill in the sections to discover the ideal buyer for your business.

Key Areas: Includes name, demographics, goals, problems, decision process, and more!

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