Board Meeting for Start-ups

The Perfect Notion template for every start-up wanting to build its very first Board Meeting, making it useful, efficient and very easy to use !
About this template

As a previous Strategy and Management Consultant and Board Member, I designed this Notion Template in order for you to save time and know how to structure your Board Meetings.

What can you expect using this board meeting template ?
- A very sharp agenda making sure your Board of Directors meeting is efficient.
- Have a clear vision on strategical matters
- Being able to track and follow actions and KPIs
- A full list of KPIs "ready-to-use" to help you making decisions based on facts
-The timetable to make sure your board meeting is not too long.

This template is ready-to-use, in english by design and very understandable so that you can kickstart your first board meeting even though you never attended one !

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