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Are you using AI and losing your prompts? Or do you forget what the good prompts were? Then use this AI Prompt Manager, easily organise, rank and group prompts, then 1-Click copy your AI prompts into ChatGPT, Midjourney, Gemini, Claude, etc to use them. No frustrations.
About this template

Are you spending more time managing your digital assets than actually creating? Discover the Notion AI Prompt Manager, your ideal solution for mastering digital content. Designed for professionals across all fields, from nurses and teachers to students and stay-at-home parents, this template optimizes the way you sort, store, and retrieve all your crucial knowledge work. It minimizes clutter to let you focus on what truly matters, your creativity and productivity.

Crafted to enhance your workflow, this tool allows you to quickly capture new prompts and media, version your prompts, record AI responses, take detailed notes, and build a comprehensive "second brain" of knowledge. Once your items are saved in Notion, you can efficiently rank and organize your prompts and media into distinct projects. In an era where technology and AI are evolving at a breakneck speed, we’ve integrated a feature to bookmark web pages, "Web Clips", and save them directly into your Notion database, ensuring you always have a record of your critical sources.

Moreover, all elements within the template are tagged and ranked, enabling you to easily locate, prioritize and group them according to your needs. Whether you’re crafting AI generated responses to customer emails, creating image designs for T-shirts, coding for your website, or any other creative endeavor, the AI Prompt Manager is the perfect tool to help bring your projects to life.

What you get!
⭐ Quickly & easily capture thoughts, notes and todos - that you can convert into prompts, projects, media, web clips or you knowledge base.

⭐ Need your AI prompt project in your Google Calendar? With 1-click you can add it directly to your Google Calendar, without syncing or complicated integrations - it just works.

⭐ Rank your prompts and media, so that you can keep track of how they perform.

⭐ Keep track of any type of media, images, video, PDFs, etc. by tagging and ranking them, and finally link them to prompts or projects

⭐ From your browser, use the "Save to Notion" extension to directly "bookmark" (Web Clip), web pages and save them to your Web Clips database

⭐ Enhance your understanding of AI with dedicated resources in the knowledge base to help you with your "prompt engineering".

⭐ Build a personal knowledge base with our Notion Second Brain feature, organizing your learning and projects effortlessly. (Building a Second Brain, Tiago Forte)

⭐ Need to record your thoughts and quickly capture notes, use the Notes feature so you never forget.

⭐ Easy project management, group all your prompts, media, web clips and notes into projects. Set start and end dates, to keep you on track.

⭐ Mobile & tablet friendly design. The planner was designed from the start to work well with mobile as well as desktop. The quick view items are first, and the dashboard page has quick links and list views, which allow you to drill into more powerful detail views.

⭐ Want to tailor this template and make it your own? When you purchase, receive a FREE BONUS download of 500 images, banners & avatars to customise it to your lifestyle.

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