Psst: Pin the link to this page into your Games Room for smooth access

For the spontaneous (5- or 10-minute) games:

  1. Pull a co-worker into the fun room (hover over person & click "invite")
  2. Select a game
  3. Start & enjoy!

For the planned pre-scheduled or over time activities:

  1. Follow instructions below
  2. Have fun!

# 5 minute activities

1. The Plank Challenge (2 players+) 💪🏻

  1. Tilt your computer camera towards the floor
  2. Get down on the floor - in the classical plank position
  3. The last one standing wins!

2. Charades (4 players+) 👁

  1. Pick a category: animal, celebrity or profession. If you like, set a 5-min-timer.