In a layperson's language, we can understand cloud management software as digital solutions that organizations utilize to examine and control their cloud computing assets. It entails monitoring and tracking private, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud deployments for glitches or issues and resolving them with the least possible downtime.

In today's day and age, when the timely analysis and consequent remedy of pertinent technical and hardware problems become imperative, a ****24/7 cloud management solution becomes a savior. Cloud management software ensures cost optimization, security, excellent scalability, and operational efficiency by enabling a single admin in any corner of the world to take immediate action for a glitch.

So, without further ado, let us glance through the top ten cloud management software solutions you should know about in 2022.


  1. Site 24x7 Cloud Monitoring – It offers insights into the health and performance of cloud services and applications hosted on three major platforms – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. It comes with 100-plus special monitoring plugins to scrutinize infrastructure, servers, and applications, as well as hunker down into individual codes in case of problems; Site 24x7 becomes an excellent management solution for the cloud. In addition, it also offers AI-enhanced root cause analysis to fix technical glitches faster.
  2. Google Cloud Management – It is an API of Google Cloud Platform that collects metrics, events, and metadata from Google Cloud architectures, AWS, and other cloud platforms. Google Cloud Management is an excellent Infrastructure as a Software (IaaS) solution with numerous tools that can do everything, from creating simple websites to running complex applications. The tools of Google Cloud Management also provide insight into the full stack and enable the real-time presentation of its metrics, thereby making it easy to track, analyze, and resolve issues quicker. Google Cloud Administration's strongest points are its intuitive interface, deployment, its suite of monitoring, and management tools, and its vast documentation and API support.
  3. Apache Cloudstack – It is a mature and turnkey solution that encompasses the entire stack of attributes that most organizations want with a cloud IaaS, such as orchestration, consumer and account management, Network as a Service (NaaS), resource accounting, security, world-class user interface, and much more. CloudStack is the most popular service provider offering public cloud solutions.
  4. IBM Cloud Orchestrator – It is a popular 24/7 cloud management platform devised to automate the provisioning of cloud services using policy-based instruments. It enables you to configure, deploy development environments, and integrate and add service management. Moreover, there is also room to manage, monitor, backup, and secure your environment in minutes from a single, self-service interface. IMB claims that its cloud managing software solution can improve service delivery by 90 percent and reduce provisioning time from weeks to minutes.
  5. Datadog Cloud Monitoring – It is another sought-after platform for world-class cloud monitoring, management, security, and analytics. Developers, security analysts, and IT operations staff all favor Datadog. By filtering through events, logs, and metrics, Datadog Cloud Monitoring provides comprehensive insight throughout the entire stack, even in highly dynamic or scalable infrastructures. In addition, it can provide insights into over 500 environments. One of the best parts about Datadog is that it allows businesses of any size to scale their monitoring efforts through reliable and flexible pricing options.
  6. OpenStack – It is an open-source application designed for creating and managing private and public clouds. OpenStack enables users to control a large pool of computations, storage, and networking resources throughout a center, all of which are managed from a dashboard via the OpenStack API. It is a solution compatible with popular enterprises and hence is optimal for heterogeneous infrastructure. You can rely on OpenStack to automate vital processes and cloud-computing areas, such as the Web frontend, run daily operations, reduce costs, and much more.
  7. Splunk Enterprises – It is a heavy-duty cloud server administrative service that analyzes data for use in security, IT, and DevOps. Splunk makes it easy to mine, analyze, and act upon big data generated by technological infrastructures, security systems, and business applications. Thus, admins can optimize processes to achieve better business performance. One of the most unique features of Splunk is that it supports customization to meet particular requirements. As a result, programmers can alter the behavior of existing Splunk apps or incorporate Splunk data into their own creations.
  8. AbacusNext – It is a private cloud wherein users of the hosting servers have to make a complete 180-degree shift on how they access, store, and process data. As everything needed to work is accessed from a private cloud, there is no worry about hacks and breaches, especially from the mishaps of new and experienced admins. AbacusNext is a 24/7 cloud management platform that creates a virtual desktop and server hosting for a business's entire IT environment.
  9. AppFormix – It is an application management and orchestration service that offers end-to-end visibility into a multi-cloud environment to eradicate any potential glitches. AppFormix makes operations more straightforward and more efficacious by assisting users in visualizing and scrutinizing both physical and virtual environments. In addition, its monitoring and intent-based analytics transform raw data from diverse resources into a highly usable format.
  10. New Relic One – It is undeniably, one of the largest and most comprehensive 24/7 cloud management platforms**,** specially created to help customers create better software. New Relic One is one of the most popular solutions in the world among software developing teams and DevOps. It is equipped with Applied Intelligence that keeps processes fast-paced without adversely affecting performance. Moreover, users can also drill into codes to gauge bottlenecks or troublesome syntax. New Relic One is a platform-independent, easy-to-deploy, and hardware-less management solution which combines higher ROI with Lower TCO.

So, there we have it, a crisp overview of the ten best 24/7 cloud management software solutions that everyone should know about in 2022.