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It's nice to meet you! We are Technolgap, a community for women studying in various post-secondary degrees across Canada pursuing careers in tech.

Our slack workspace is a place to share opportunities with each other and ask for advice regarding anything from school to interviewing to being a woman in male-dominated environments. We create opportunities for our members to organize events, mentor each other, and meet engineers and recruiters in the industry.

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where did this all start?

Technolgap was born out of Carleton University in February 2020, originally as a student community for women in tech in Ottawa. Cofounders, Alexa and Gina, noticed a huge disparity in information shared about opportunities in tech after attending the Grace Hopper Celebration in 2019; there are so many opportunities in this field, but for some reason, we had never heard about most of them!

So, Technolgap was created as platform for students to share relevant opportunities with one another, such as upcoming hackathons, job postings, scholarships, and workshops.

Over time, we noticed the demographic our community targeted came with a unique set of challenges when it came to starting a career in tech; as women, early in our careers, based in Canada, many of us shared experiences that made breaking into this field difficult.

With more people comes more information, so we opened up our community to women across Canada, and started running mentorship programs and workshops to address specific questions and concerns our members had about tech! Now Technolgap is a community of 200+ members, and we're constantly growing!

Alexa Liaskovski Cofounder

Gina Bak Cofounder

our values

Above all else, Technolgap is a community. We value transparency and collaboration across everything we do. Our community is a place for everyone to uplift one-another. Our current members share opportunities as they come across them, and we expect our new members to do the same. Technolgap is not a place to hoard or gate-keep information.