In a gist:

As a TechLabs mentor, you make an important contribution to our unique ecosystem by sharing your knowledge with tech-enthusiastic students and supporting them in applying newly learned theoretical knowledge on projects!

Our "DigitalShaper" program has an initial 6-week learning phase where the participants ("Techies") study through online courses on their own with little or no inputs needed from you. The coding level of the participants varies from beginners to advanced coders. But they will strive hard to be on par before the "Project Phase" starts.

As a TechLabs mentor, your main task is to supervise a project that is carried out by a group of Techies. We are looking for volunteers who have fun teaching programming and would enjoy leading a group from Ideation-Execution-Conclusion across exciting topics.

What will a Mentor do?

Additionally, we encourage you to give special lectures on any topic of your choice, or research work you are currently undertaking. We saw from previous experience that our Techies as well as other Mentors are always keen to join such sessions and have wonderful discussions 🙂

You will be a perfect fit, if:

Why be a Mentor?