At Trana, we are dedicatedly excited about technologies, products & interfaces that help human cognition to migrate into higher-level and more creative tasks.

Our team has worked at companies like reetool, wonder, segment, attio, n8n, marleyspoon and solarisbank. With them, we have seen and contributed to the revolution of no-code and user-centric product design. Yet, educational software seemed to have overslept that revolution. Let's change that!

Open Positions

Senior Fullstack Engineer

Entrepreneur in Residence


Customers First Building a product users love isn't an easy task but we believe the next generation of software users is fueled by individuals uncompromisingly demanding a strong experience. So do we.

True Ownership Everyone at Trana receives an outstanding amount of freedom and responsibilities. To thrive in such an environment, we need to live and breathe ownership in everything we touch.

Dedication We thrive the best if we do what we love. It does not have to be crazy at work. But we are dedicated to what we are building.

Flexibility We are not only living and breathing the idea of a flexible workspace when it comes to remote work and your schedule. We are also unopinionated about what people will build with Trana.