At TeamTap, we’re building the missing piece in the communication of remote teams.

A new way to work together. We are building an elegant and powerful internal microblog. This way, we are giving back valuable time to employees by replacing boring status update meetings with an asynchronous update culture.

TeamTap was born out of our frustration of seeing how much time is wasted in the workplace today with useless meetings. We want to build a joyful, simplistic, yet powerful software giving companies a space for structured, asynchronous communication. So everyone can do their best work.

Open Positions

Lead Engineer (m/f/d)

Junior Developer (m/f/d)

What we offer

Our approach to building

“Don’t design products, design user value” - we believe that our job is to build software that empowers our users to accomplish even more. Our ambition is to build the missing lever for teams of the future so they can do their greatest work. Everything we do an touch follows that mantra.

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If there’s a role you are interested in, or believe you can add a unique contribution to our endeavour, feel free to reach out.