Parlor's Slack app gives your team easy access to Parlor functionality all from the tool we know, love, and use every day. Once installed, anyone on your team can quickly create Feedback, Notes, or Tasks from any Slack channel.

Installing the app

  1. In Parlor's Integration settings page, select Configure on the Slack card.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the modal and copy the API Key to your clipboard.
  3. Select Add to Slack, which will open the Slack Oauth window.
  4. Authenticate the Parlor App by selecting Allow and then pasting in your Parlor API key.

Slash Commands and Slack Actions

After installing the app, any Slack user in your workspace can use the following Parlor slash commands:

/parlor-feedback to create Feedback

<aside> 💡 Note: Parlor slash commands aren't supported in Slack threads.


You can also turn existing messages or threaded replies into Feedback, Notes, or Tasks using Slack Actions. Simply hover over a message or threaded reply, select the More actions button, then Add as Feedback, Add as Note, or Add as Task . Doing so will prefill the contents of the message into the Description field of the Parlor action you selected.


Note: You may need to select More message shortcuts... if the Parlor Actions are not appearing. In Slack, Actions are displayed according to the frequency of usage.

Creating Feedback in Slack

When creating Feedback in Slack, you have a few options: