What is a Lumina Video Job Posting?

A Lumina video is a short, branded video that highlights a specific job opening. These videos — also called video job postings — are instantly generated through Lumina's proprietary algorithm, which greatly reduces both turnaround time and cost. Learn more at www.lumina.co. Below are examples of how employers use Lumina to attract candidates.


Third-Party Job Boards

Health eCareers (shown below) is the largest physician job board in the world. Embed Lumina videos in order to stand out on third-party job boards like Health eCareers.


LinkedIn Organic Posting

Here's an example of how one customer shared their video on LinkedIn (organic post, no promotional dollars) and generated hundreds of views, multiple shares and a qualified lead.


After seeing the post, other Recruiters shared the post on their pages, generating additional visibility and impact, all with no ad spend.



Targeted (Paid) Advertising

Already spending money on recruitment advertising? Swap out that still image for a dynamic, interactive video! While Lumina is not an advertising agency, we're happy to share best practices.



Career Page Embed