<aside> 💡 Sorry, we do not support Wayland at the moment




Around requires libfuse2 to launch the AppImage.

Using the file manager

  1. Download the binary from https://downloads.around.co/Around.AppImage and save it in any place you like.
  2. Change the permissions of the file to execute so that you can run the software. To do this, right-click on the AppImage file, navigate to Properties > Permissions and check the Allow this file to run as a program (or similar) box.
  3. Double-click the AppImage file.
  4. Enjoy 🎉

Using the terminal

The following command will download the binary to the opt folder in your user's HOME, make the program executable and run it:

wget <https://downloads.around.co/Around.AppImage> -P ~/opt/ && \\
chmod a+x ~/opt/Around.AppImage && \\
~/opt/Around.AppImage </dev/null &>/dev/null &

From now on, you can start Around from the Launcher or by directly running the AppImage file.

The ~/opt can be replaced with any path to which you have access.