Recent graduate of the UX Writers Collective Chatbot Writing & Design course

Got content filled with complexity and clutter? I will sort it out and make it flow πŸ’¬

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What I do

Conversation Designer

Create digital personalities, user journeys, rule-based chatbots, and natural language bots for messaging apps and the web

Language Services Professional

Taught English for Special Purposes for six years in private and Continuing Education

UX Writer

Streamline content using teaching skills like language grading, categorization and making inferences

Current projects

DJ - for Profile.png

I love analog-style brainstorming in this notebook that I bring to the beach!

Mentoring Chatbot for Teachers

Meet Tabby, a 24-7 virtual sounding board to help teachers self-reflect and improve their teaching

Read case study:

Mentoring Chatbot Case Study

Tabby - The Mentored Teacher Journey Map thumb.png

Journey map for teachers mentored by Tabby - see case study for detail

About me

Happiest in design-mode!

"Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it isn't helping you." β€”Tim Hartford, from the memorable TED talk, How frustration can make us more creative. Thus my UX career journey began out of a detour from education into a cubicle (I'll tell you about it sometime). Studying UX Design and Conversation Design became a way to merge my creativity with in-demand technical skills.