Graduate of the UX Writers Collective Chatbot Writing & Design course

Got content filled with complexity and clutter? I will sort it out and make it flow 💬

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What I do

Conversation Designer

Create digital personalities, user journeys, rule-based chatbots, and natural language bots for messaging apps and the web

Language Services Professional

Taught English for Special Purposes for six years in private and Continuing Education

UX Writer

Streamline content using teaching skills like language grading, categorization and making inferences

Projects and Case Studies

Voiceflow Chat Assistant Template

<aside> 💡 February 2022 - I teamed with Voiceflow to create a Voiceflow Chat Assistant template, using my design from the Chatbots Life Conversation Design Contest!


How to design an ESL Assistant | Voiceflow Template

Voiceflow Live Bot Teardown

3.1.22 Live Bot Teardown capture step.jpg

A month after participating in the Chatbots Life Contest finals, I got to see the same bot, my Polished Pro English Chat, critiqued in the first Voiceflow Live Bot Teardown. I was so happy this capture step worked! (picture above)

(this link jumps to my bot at timestamp 19:39)

Live Bot Teardown: ESL Assistant, Copywriting Best Practices, And Conversational UX

2022 Chatbots Life Conversation Design Contest

2022 Finalist thumbnail small.png

It was great participating in the 2022 Chatbots Life Conversation Design Contest! I was a Student Finalist. My design was a conversational chatbot for ESL students (English to Speakers of other Languages). It was also my first experience having my bot critiqued in front of a live audience! See below for the replay (the link jumps to my bot at timestamp 56:28)

Parts of the design that are intentional, looked like errors when the contest judges tested it live. For example, longer than usual delays between the text blocks are designed for non-native readers of English.

The judges found some errors while testing. One of my initial capture steps did not work during their test. However, the same capture step worked a month later, during the Voiceflow Live Bot Teardown.

Some highlights included when the judges discovered my No Reply message. Overall, I felt fortunate to hear the judges’ critiques and to have access to that learning experience! I also realized that my unique insights could be useful to a team looking to improve accessibility in their designs.

LIVE Conversation Design Contest

<aside> 💡 2022 In Progress - I’m taking Conversation Design Institute’s The Voice Course and the Interaction Design Foundation’s course Accessibility: How to Design for All.


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