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❓What is TE 360?

This series of sessions TE360 is a perfect introduction to Token Engineering - meet our community and discuss major papers & articles on Token Engineering. We offer these sessions in collaboration with our awesome community hosts around the globe. Want to discuss in Hindi, or Portuguese? Need an APAC time zone session? Choose what fits best from the sessions overview below!

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📍 TE360 HQ

Main sessions hosted by @akrtws from TE Academy. First cycle is already finished, you can watch the recordings, just click on the tiles below!

TE360 HQ

🙋 Introduction to Token Engineering + Ask-Me-Anything HQ

TE360 main 5 sessions are complemented by Introduction to Token Engineering. These are monthly calls, don't miss the next one! For open questions about TE Fundamentals, check our AMA recordings.

Introduction to Token Engineering + Ask-Me-Anything HQ

🇳🇿 TE360 - APAC (Host: Vikram, New Zealand)

TE360 - APAC is a group that holds sessions for APAC communities to discuss and form the dialogue to prepare for Token Engineering Fundamentals. Sessions will happen in English.

If you want to learn more, click on the tiles below 👇

🇳🇿 TE360 - APAC (Host: Vikram, New Zealand)

🇮🇹 TE360 - Italy

(Host: Davide, Italy)

From learning the first baby steps in Token Design & Engineering to discussing and sharing more advanced topics, TE360 Italy is a community and study group of like-minded individuals that value a structured approach to the design and testing of sustainable token ecosystems. Sessions are held primarily in Italian. If you want to learn more, click on the tiles below 👇

🇮🇹 TE360 - Italy (Host: Davide, Italy)