Here are some questions and answers to help you watch DragonConTV during Dragon Con Goes Virtual, Labor Day weekend 2020!

If your question is not answered here, please visit the #dctv-support channel on the Discord server.

NOTE: The streaming service does not support certain combinations of apps and devices. The most reliable option is a Windows, macOS, or Linux computer with an up-to-date web browser, using

General Questions

Where can I watch Dragon Con Goes Virtual?

You are in the right place! But just to be sure:

All events will be on Vimeo and Roku. These events are on three channels: Main Events, Fan Tracks, and DCTV Land.

Certain events from the Main Events channel (like the Parade and Masquerade) will also be on YouTube (DCTV) and Facebook.

Where is the schedule?

You can view our schedule at the Eventeny site, and find even more information in the official Quick Start Guide. Note that the schedule in the Quick Start Guide (PDF) may be out of date.

A scheduled panel was swapped out, will it be rescheduled?

For reasons beyond our control, it is possible that panels can't be presented at the scheduled time. With a packed schedule, it is unlikely it will be rescheduled. Sorry!

What options are there for captions?

On both and Roku, we'll have channels that mirror the channel with captions embedded in the stream. Just look for the channel image that has the "OPEN CAPTIONS" banner at the bottom. Or simply use these direct links: Main Events, Fan Tracks, and DCTV Land.

What about interpreters / ASL?

A handful of panels will have interpreters on-screen. While we wish we could have interpreters for every panel, this was simply not feasible. We hope the embedded captions being available all weekend helps, but if you need special assistance or a transcription, please contact and we'll help you out!

How do I find Dragon Con Goes Virtual on Discord?

You can join the official Dragon Con Goes Virtual Discord server here: You can discuss the TV channels in the corresponding chat channels: #main-events, #fan-tracks, and #dctv-land.

Will you also broadcast to the Theater channels on the Discord server?

We are not broadcasting to these channels due to a 50 user limit per channel, but we may occasionally present some content that will be announced on the server.