Thanks for coming to my talk! I'm stoked that you're going to start using more qualitative data to make product and service decisions.

Here's the magical table of usability tools, the test outline and my software recommendations.

If you have any questions, you can @mention me

The magical table of usability tools

Usability test template

To get the maximum amount of useful information from your usability test ease into things with the introductory questions. Do not skip these. It gets the person used to talking and makes them feel comfortable. You also gain mega insights.

Print out your tasks and interview questions ahead of time.


Thanks so much for your time, we really appreciate it. Anything that we discuss in this test will be confidential and will only be share internally. If you feel uncomfortable at any stage, you're free to tell me or so or leave. Would you mind if I recorded the screen and audio so that I can take notes later? This is a test of the software, not of you, so if you ever feel flustered, just remember that this is a reflection of the thing that we're testing, there's nothing right or wrong. Have you got any questions before we begin?

Warm up questions:

  1. What is your role and day to day duties?
  2. Describe a good day
  3. Describe a bad day

Do the tasks

Hand over the task you've written up and ask them if they have any questions before we get started.

Write a short and clear task, and make sure to include fake details if they have to input any data along the way.

Warm down questions:

  1. What did you think was intuitive and what did you find confusing?
  2. <Ask any questions you may have had during the test. Do not correct the customer or lead them in any way!>
  3. Is there any questions that you had for me before we wrap things up?