Tarjimly started in 2017 when our team saw the massive translation gap in refugee camps. We started crowdsourcing volunteer translators (something most organizations already use) but on a massive scale and in an easy-to-use tool.

It quickly became clear that empowering refugees directly with translation support was helpful, but our impact scaled faster and more consistently in the hands of health workers, case workers, lawyers, and the entire humanitarian sector that supported displaced communities.

The Tarjimly app has helped 14,000+ humanitarians in 50+ countries in ways we never could have imagined, most significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic, where current options are too unreliable, too expensive, or too limited.

Through Tarjimly Premium, we partner with organizations to advise them on their translation workflows and build technology that significantly increases their reach to vulnerable communities.

Visit Tarjimly Stories to read and hear some example conversations with Tarjimly Translators!

Tarjimly Premium Upgrade

The Tarjimly App is a free-to-use tool with a paid upgrade called Tarjimly Premium: a suite of tools designed to meet all of your organization's translation and interpretation needs.

Tarjimly Premium includes features such as:

Samples of Tools & Features on Tarjimly Premium and Premier NGO

An array of custom filters become available to Beneficiaries on the app with the Premium subscription

3-way calling allows you enter a phone number to add another person to the call with your translator. Perfect for remote work with clients.

Tarjimly Hotline allows you to call a phone number to access our interpreters when you don't have internet or smartphone access.