Join us in our mission to eliminate language barriers.

Are you an organization that has a humanitarian mission and has a need for language access? Are you an organization that has access to a base of multilinguals? Are you a corporation looking to activate your employees to make an impact through a flexible, remote volunteer opportunity?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, read on to find out if you're eligible for partnership.

Tarjimly works to create partnerships that further its mission of eliminating language barriers and increasing equity of service provision.

Our Commitments

Tarjimly is a mission-driven organization that is committed to:

Types of Partnerships

Tarjimly provides different types of Partnerships to be able to serve the varied needs of diverse organizations.

Tarjimly Premium+ Partnership

Become a Premium+ partner to gain access to features that increase quality, accuracy, and the security of your conversations on the app.

Our Bring Your Own Translators (BYOT) feature centralizes organizations’ interpreters on our platform, making them accessable remotely with a push of a button. This option is especially useful for larger organizations with multiple chapters.