Organize a virtual white elephant with your team with this easy to use tool and curated gifts!

What is White Elephant?

White elephant is a popular gift exchange game for groups. This tool provides a virtual version with some gift boards with pre-loaded gifts so you don't have to search for them! However, it allows for customization for your needs. Read more about traditional white elephant game rules here.

What do I need?

  1. Group to play the game!

    Recommended group size: 6 to 25 people ( More players can be added but the game can go for a while with more players)

  2. A dedicated organizer (it's recommended that you have a dedicated organizer who follows the steps to keep it fun and surprising for the team)

  3. Virtual meeting platform (Zoom, Google Hangouts etc)

  4. Payment options to purchase gifts after the game

  5. One of the game boards from below!

Instructions to Use

Before the Event


During the event

After the event

Before the Event

  1. Have a designated organizer (it's recommended only the organizer sees the gifts and steps below to keep it fun and surprising!)

  2. Setup a virtual meeting with your group

  3. Go to the White Elephant boards below with pre-loaded gifts OR feel free to customize them if you'd like!

    White Elephant [Digital Gifts]

    White Elephant [Local Bay Area Businesses]

    White Elephant [Silly Amazon Gifts]


  4. Duplicate the 'White Elephant[]' Notion page

    The duplicate button is on the top right menu. If you don't have a Notion account, it's free to setup one, this will give you the option to edit and customize the page.

5**. The game is setup for 15 people for default - if you want it for fewer people, delete the blocks till you have the same number of blocks as people in the group**

What can be customized?

You can customize: