Source image with re-compositional markings


step 1: under wash, sky, trees, mid-ground field, wet into wet

Wet into wet, to get a fuzzy, hazy effect

I wet the paper on the back and the front, and set it on the gator board. Then I started with a very pale wash with monte amiata natural sienna. Working quickly to not lose the wet paper, I applied additional pale washes of quin gold, sap green, and red madder genuine.

Step 2-ish: more washes adding in more colours in the background, deepen the midground

Continuing wet into wet

Rewetting the paper with a spray bottle, I continued to apply more layers of colour to the sky, forest, and mid-ground. In the photo, the mid-ground seem to just glow, and quin gold was just made for it.

Step 3: nearly done. Added in a few more washes in the trees, started working the darkest values. Bird unfinished.

Start dry, then spray to fuzz

For the last pass on the trees, I mixed Cobalt Blue and Monte Amiata Natural Sienna to make a forest green, and applied wet onto dry for a few trees in the foreground of the background. Then, I used the spray bottle to make the entire upper half wet again, so the trees just painted would fuzz.

More work on the gold mid-ground field.

Final darks