Keepstar Anchored and on lining next to 1DQ.

750~ PAPI currently on grid defending.

DOTLAN EveMaps: Map: Delve

"Ned Flanders" (who I'm pretty sure is in PL) has given his bi-weekly update to alliance participation.

16 weeks of war - The big Six Zkill activity numbers

War Pilots 2020-11-18

Caught in staging

NC apparently tackled a move op fleet with freighters and capitals, but it was cleared off before the fleet that I was in was able to get a cyno to it.

Hel | Cbass Charisma | Killmail

EVE Online Partnership Program | Streamers, Bloggers, Creators | EVE Online

Abyssal proving grounds

New Abyssal Proving Grounds Event | EVE Online

EVE Japanese (more to come)

Announcing Japanese Localization Date | EVE Online

Alliance tournament - This weekend