Monthly Economic Report - October 2020 | EVE Online

Resource Wars sites have stopped appearing in space for the time being while they are sent back to the workshop for some renovation and repurposing.

Patch Notes for Version 18.11 | EVE Online

FRT ratting income dropped more than half, very effective ccp


1DQ in sight. Remember putting down 2 more Keepstars for morale boost?

For blogger, streamer, podcaster, third party developer, video creator - you get 500 PLEX, access to DEVS on Discord, Exclusive skins (giveaways) and promotion. They already let us use images and IP parts, like music.

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Ashy in Space: Fitting Fundamentals: PvP Fits

Fitting Fundamentals: PvP Fits " Ashy in Space

Weather Report

Storm Track :: EvE-Scout Rescue

Economic Report


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