Ecosystem goals

To ensure long-term alignment with Vision and Mission these are the goals to keep in mind when proposing tokenomics mechanisms:

Personal tokens

We're currently experiencing a society shift to the ownership economy. Worldwide new use cases for fungible and non-fungible tokens are trying to create value in innovative ways. This shift is making its way into personal tokens.

A personal token is centered around an individual and have potential for several reasons. Imagine a world where an organization can own someone's personal tokens and have an active stake in their career, alignment between employee and employer would reach unseen heights. Organizations can benefit from hiring someone early on and be rewarded long-term.


Talent Protocol works in seasons. This methodology allows us to quickly iterate and experiment with new concepts, and with each season we want to keep pushing the boundaries of social tokens and keep building on top of what is working and fix what isn’t working.

Token economics

Despite talent being the clear current driver for the global economy, careers are still single-player games where every participant is maximizing for their own gains without realizing that we can achieve a global maximum that benefits everyone in the community and, as a result, careers still are very dependent on background and location.

Web3 has shown us that connections and coordination between different nodes of a community is the single most crucial metric to successfully create a sustainable community with a clear shared goal.

Creating aligned incentives will bring every (new) web3 builder and enable them to grow their own community with deeper financial and emotional alignment.

Game agents

All participants must work together in order to grow the ecosystem.

Without collaboration… the system fails.

There are two agents: Builders and Supporters.

Builders are Verified Users that have launched their own talent token through the protocol. They are individuals with a growth mindset that are looking for support in growing their careers through a dedicated network of Stakers.