Our mission

Tailwarden is building the future of DevOps ☁️

Tailwarden is an open-source platform designed to enable developers with the DevOps knowledge necessary to build secure, efficient, and cost-effective applications while maintaining control of their cloud infrastructure. We believe the open-source model is the best way to understand and address the complexity of cloud providers and build tools that any developer can use (**👉 **99% of developers).

Our roots - where do we come from ☁️

At Tailwarden, you'll have visibility into the entire platform stack. Our highly motivated, fully remote team operates under a flat hierarchy, with technical founders leading the way. We have a passion for open-source and have initiated and led many popular projects, such as Komiser, which has been downloaded over 3 million times and has 3k+ stars on GitHub. We actively collaborate in the open-source community and present at international conferences around the world.

As a company, we prioritise transparency and are building our company and product in the public eye. We've recently raised a €2M round and are currently building the core team of Tailwarden.

<aside> 💡 Where there’s awesomeness, great things will come ! We believe in product-led growth - we’re building something awesome and we are letting our product attract users, rather than relying on an outbound sales engine.


Tailwarden in numbers

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We are a fully remote company with a small team of 9 based in France, Germany, and Portugal - we're looking to hire great people who are based in the EU or equivalent time zones.

Frontend Engineer (f/m/x) - EU or equivalent timezone

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Life at Tailwarden

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