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What is Tacter

<aside> 🎮 We build mobile apps that coach gamers to master their gaming skills.


👩‍🚀 How it started

We love video games. We've spent tons of hours playing League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra, among us others*.*

We missed a place to review our performance, connect with other players and discover the strongest strategies on mobile devices.

That's why we created Tacter, a mix between a utility tool to help you improve your skills and a community to exchange information with other players with a similar skill-level.

🚀 Where we are

We have an app for iOS and Android, helping thousands of gamers daily:

Tacter App

Tacter App was born with support for Teamfight Tactics. Now we're applying our learnings to create a model that can help gamers of more succesful games. Our next step is League of Legends, our goal, create a sustainable vertical social network for gamers.

Being only two, we managed to reach 700.000 gamers worldwide and secured our seed round.

Now we are looking for highly motivated people to continue building a small high-performance team, this will allow us to grow our existing Tacter apps and scale to new top-chart games.

<aside> 👾 If you like startups, video-games and mobile apps. Don't hesitate, contact us at jobs@tacter.app


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