The character update is out in Beta 15 with a bunch of feature changes.

Change Log


The character sheets have been re-worked to offer more flexibility and consistency across views with more support for layouting and customization.

<aside> 📁 All the changes to character sheets are backwards compatible and older format character JSON will import automatically changing to the new character sheet format.



Character descriptions are changed as well. These used to use the description field, now there is a campaign-wide setting for a description template which uses message syntax to set character descriptions.

By default the description is {armor-class} AC | {hit-points}/{hit-points-max} HP which will display on a character sheet with the appropriate values. If a stat is missing it will show an asterisk symbol in it's place.

The idea behind these descriptions is to make it easy to build a collection of characters for any game system with uniform, up to date information that is quick to parse at a glance. Eventually I want to put these descriptions into the initiative tracker for quick reference as well as make it possible to search characters based on it.


One popular suggestion for a while has been to implement buttons for sending a message linked to a stat. Previously these required you to double-click the property to send the message to the message box, now stats with saved messages will have an icon button which will send the message immediately. Right clicking the button will open a menu to send the message with advantage or disadvantage or to send the message to the message box where you can make changes before sending.


Character sheets now have tabs in the scene and on the character page. You can add and rename tabs in the settings page. I've added tabs since the scene and character page views now use the same layout. I find it can be helpful to place your saved messages in one tab where you can quickly find them. When updating v1 character sheets the attributes in the old "bottom" section are moved to an "Actions" tab. You may want to rename this tab depending on what you had in this section.

Editing Character Layouts

First is a small terminology change: Attributes are now called Properties. Properties are any element of a character sheet including number fields and text fields. There are a few new properties as well like headings, images, title sections and column sections to make it possible to build a custom page layout.