The SZNouns Constitution is a set of binding rules that provide guidance to the community in its pursuit of its mission. The purpose of this document is to highlight which governance actions are legitimate for the DAO to take and establishing the foundations by which the community can grow.


While the SZNouns project is initially incubated by the SZNS team, it is entirely cc0 and in the public domain, and we envision the SZNouns community to mature independently of the SZNS team. Our hope is that the SZNoun community will be a vibrant, fun community who enjoys wearing circle glasses ◐-◐¬ and is an independent, but positive force to both the Nouns ecosystem and the SZNS project as thoughtful leaders around the important development of DAOs, governance, and human coordination.

Section 1

<aside> πŸ₯‡ SZNouns shall enable proxy-ownership of Nouns via continued acquisition of Nouns.


One of the core missions of SZNouns is to be a premier subDAO in the Nouns ecosystem. This means:

  1. Allocating 80% of treasury exclusively for the purpose of acquiring Nouns
    1. Whenever 80% of treasury value becomes greater than a floor Noun, the SZNouns DAO will acquire a Noun
    2. The remaining treasury amount will be noted at time of Nouns purchase, earmarked for any other relevant treasury needs
  2. Participating thoughtfully on Nouns governance. This means voting on proposals and exploring ways to experiment with governance mechanisms or parameters within the SZNouns DAO itself.
  3. Have fun!

Section 2

<aside> πŸ”„ SZNouns auction schedule shall not change.


The protocol shall not change the emissions schedule of SZNouns. The rate of SZNouns auctions shall follow according to four annual β€œseasons”:

  1. Winter (beginning 12/1): once a day, every 24 hours
  2. Spring (beginning 3/1): twice a day, every 12 hours
  3. Summer (beginning 6/1): four times a day, every 6 hours
  4. Fall (beginning 9/1): twice a day, every 12 hours

Section 3

<aside> πŸ”‘ SZNouns shall remain CC0 and open-source.


  1. The SZNouns artwork shall remain CC0.
  2. The code for the protocol and art generation shall remain open-source.
  3. SZNouns shall remain independent from SZNS.

Section 4

<aside> πŸ—³οΈ Amendments to this constitution must be thoughtfully considered and follow a certain process.