Syncio Order Sync has an upgrade! Check out what we have changed below.

🖥️ New User Interface and Improved UX

⚙️ Global Push Order Settings

✅ Order Push Status

↕️ Sort orders by date created

🔍 Easily search orders

Why did we build this?

We launched 🚀 Order Sync in May 2019. Our vision is to build a collaborative commerce future, where merchants grow by working together. By making it easier for merchants to connect stores and sync inventory, we've made collaboration easier by making it easier for products to be listed on more shopfronts; whether it be on retail, marketplace, or expansion shopfronts. But the objective of being able to access inventory to list on your shopfront is so that you can ultimately sell it.

This is where Order Sync comes into play; as merchants grow, the amount of admin also grows in terms of sending backorders for the source store to fulfill. And that's just one part of it; the second is that the merchant will need to get the order update with tracking ID back to pass this on to their customer. Order Sync increases the value for merchants that sync inventory from another shopfront because it brings merchants closer to a collaboration loop that scales growth for both destination and source stores.

As we've grown to over 5,000 merchants, we have had an overwhelming amount of feedback on how we can improve and expand on the functionality of Order Sync to cater to ever-increasingly complex merchant needs. This upgrade is the first step towards addressing all those customer needs.


Jimmy, Founder & CEO

What's New?

You can now do even more with Syncio Order Sync, and this is just the beginning. Here is what we have improved.