switchArray is a kinetic wall sculpture constructed out of 5 rows and 5 columns of limit switches and servos. The arm of each servo taps the switches across the sculpture in patterned intervals, creating a sea of clicking sounds. Rather than being long-winded and tedious by attempting to control each click manually, generative techniques help to choreograph infinite arrangements of clicks. As a result, patterns are continuously generated loop after loop, as the switches click after successive clicks.

Limit switches, micro servos, Arduino MEGA board, MDF boards

82 (L) x 82 (H) x 7 (W) cm


<aside> 👀 This work was made for a group exhibition titled Cancel Me Not as part of the Goldsmiths BSc Digital Arts Computing Degree Show 2019. View the exhibition website here.


<aside> 👀 This work was shown at a group exhibition titled Making Sense as part of Goldsmiths Visual Cultures Society 2020.


<aside> 👀 This work was shown at a group exhibition titled Sketch 03: GRID as part of an exhibition series titled Three Sketches for a Lost Year 2022. View the exhibition website here.


<aside> đź‘€ See code documentation here.