Inspired by numerous documents here and powered by my openness to embrace new experiences, I initially created this document as a "Date Me" doc. But since there is nothing more unpredictable then a nature of human interaction, it has now evolved into this.


based in SF, 24yo, bi, open to poly while in search for a mono life partner:)

Infinite playfulness & aliveness & being your authentic self

I resonate with the Infinite Finite Games book (summary by Farnam Street). I love trying out different things and observing how I feel. I am very self-aware and think a lot. I try not to be driven by social and cultural fabric of conditioning and think for myself. I hope original thinking will become a muscle at some point that doesn’t require much effort.

Curiosity & intelligence

I have a lot of energy and am deeply curious. You will likely sense it from our first IRL convo. For now, check out this link. (Btw I love curius). Also, wanna try lots of things in my life:

Spirituality & interest in the eastern religions/philosophy

I have been wondering about spiritual-like topics for 3 years now. Some questions are: what is the nature of reality? who am I and what is self?

The real hunger for spiritual understanding accelerated when a russia invaded Ukraine where my fam lives.

To help myself cope, I have been reading a lot. I think I found some sense equanimity and peace now + personality tests say I am low on neuroticism. I meditate, do yoga, breath work, cold plunges on a regular basis.


Movement also started as a “mental health pill” because of a terrorist russia. It quickly turned into an enjoyable self-care daily activity.

In the past, I ran two half marathons (one was in South Korea!), and now I am into calisthenics. I regret not doing sports in my adolescence as now there is so much work to be done to get to what I want (e.g. I want handstands and it is hard on both physical and inner-work levels).

Persistence and consistency are my best friends here. On a weekly basis I do some movement 5-6x a week (this includes yoga which many people consider an exercise).

Integrity, kindness & humility