Aims & Objectives:

The Local Good Food Alliance works across Dunbar, East Linton and surrounding villages to help shape a food system that is better for the planet, better for people and better for producers.


The purpose of the local food markets is to:

Client Group:

Dunbar and District Community and partners of the Local Good Food Alliance (LGFA).

There are currently 50+ members in the LGFA network.


Local food markets would provide additional outlets for the sale of healthy food. Promoting local producers, suppliers and retailers, and increasing produce sales.

The sale of homegrown and homemade produce, available at a local level, particularly in rural areas where fresh, healthy food is less available, which would encourage and promote healthier eating.

Community benefits would be achieved through healthier lifestyles, community cohesion, reduced isolation and improved mental health.

Local Community Halls would benefit from the market days in terms of increased usage and income, supporting sustainbility.

How did the project evolve and evidence for further development:

The desire for additional food markets evolved during early conversations, where the aspirations of partner networks had been gathered through the What If Project. The proposal was further explored and it was confirmed by LGFA partners that this would be a desirable project to develop further and inlcude in the Sustaining Dunbar What Next Action Plan.

Food markets are currently held on a regular basis in East Linton. However, Dunbar and the outlying villages have no such outlet. Markets in the rural areas would enable access to healthier eating choices, where transport connections are poor and access to healthy food produce is limited.

Local Food Markets