We’re building Surfboard, the modern governance SaaS for every founder & every team to achieve company success with the superpower 💪 of board & investor success!

We believe the world needs more innovation, and more startups should be built. Building a company is hard, but managing & engaging with your board & investors shouldn’t be. So, our mission is to make it easier to build a company by rallying your stakeholders around it for success.

We are building the inevitable future✨, and are seeking motivated and talented Surfies to ride the wave 🌊 with our ambitious & mission-aligned team. We’re backed by successful serial entrepreneurs, top-tier VCs, and seasoned executives.

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Full Stack Software Engineer

Business Development

Content Marketing

Product Manager

Software Engineer Intern

A bit about us

🏄  What is Surfboard?

Surfboard is the modern governance SaaS that serves as the integrated system of record for all engagements and workflows between the company and its board and investors.

Communication and workflows between companies and key stakeholders (board & investors) is broken today - it’s high-effort, high-stress, and low-utility. This is made worse by the distributed communications and participation.

Surfboard productizes all workflows and communications for board & investor management for better context and higher engagement.