Our Product Philosophy

Build extraordinary products

We are ambitious people. Each product bet we take should, in the micro, wow the user and in the macro be building towards something huge. Taking small bets just isn’t worth the time.

Focus on the details

It’s often the details in your product that make the product work. Even while focusing on the bigger picture, we like to make sure the details are taken care of.

Build for outcomes, not outputs

We don’t measure success in features shipped or the frequency of releases. A product is successful only if it meaningfully solves a user's problem.

Be data-aware

Use data as one of our core tools for making decisions.

First principal thinking

We thrive on deconstructing problems down to the basics and finding novel solutions based on first principles. It’s the best way to hack core internet technology to do something new.

Our Work

The best way to sample our work is to try out our Android app:


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Challenges in Product @ SuperShare

Establishing the sharer identity

It took almost 15 years for content creation to become a recognized, “mainstream” profession. We’re going one step ahead of the curve to define “content-sharing” as a valuable skill. The product team must figure out how to best recognize and reward sharers, and bring sharers into the zeitgeist.