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<aside> 🦸 **Superdao ****is an all-in-one DAO platform that makes it easy to start and operate decentralized autonomous organizations. With Superdao, you can create a DAO in one click, generate smart contracts for NFTs and tokens, use built-in member directory, treasury dashboard, newsfeed, and contributor compensation system + do more with third-party apps.






<aside> 🏦 $10.5M seed January 2022


Funds SignalFire, Alliance, DIGITAL, One Block Capital, Fika Ventures, Pear Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, Great Oaks, Circle Ventures, Protocol Labs, Shima Capital, Venture Souq, Integrated Capital, Soma Capital,, Gen Z Ventures, Fifty Years, Otherwise Fund, OpenSea Ventures, Eniac Ventures, Liberty City Ventures, Sponsor.VC, FinSight, Designer Fund

Founders Jesse Clayburgh (Protocol Labs), Jude Gomila (Golden), Immad Akhund (Mercury), Sergej Kunz and Anton Bukov (1inch), Christophe Lassuyt (Request Network), Scott Fitsimones (CityDAO, AirGarage), James Borow and Sean Friedland (Trust), Evan Walden and Raul San N.H. (Getro), Maxim Spiridonov (Netologia)

Operators Shiva Rajaraman (OpenSea), Jeremy Goldberg (Rainbow), Verity Coltman (Coinbase), Sriram Raman (Coinbase), Nakul Gupta (Coinbase), Paul Stamatiou and Mike Davidson (Kraken), Orest Gavryliak (1inch), Dan Becker (Instagram), Micaiah Buchheim-Jurisson (Mercury), Derek Callow (ex-Youtube), Jen Lu (ex-Google), Mary Colpo (SAP), Nikhil Chandhok (Meta), Jared Erondu (Lattice), Steve Johnston (FlexPoint Media)

Angels Sriram Krishnan, John Pfeffer, Shiyan Koh, Ian Rountree, Jack Dreifuss, Asher Spiegel, Sajid Rahman, Dimitri Boch Zuzek, Ricardo Garcia-Amaya

<aside> 🏦 $1M preseed October 2022


Funds Shima Capital, Fundamental Labs, Fifty Years, Lemniscap, Magic Fund