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Sep 2022

😎 You can now upgrade to our shiny new sign-up page design, known as ‘Sign-up page V2’ (Settings > Sign-up Page). Learn more.

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Aug 2022

👀 You can now easily preview different views of Supercast by clicking ‘Switch View’, which lets you choose from the Sign-up page, Subscriber Page or Creator Dashboard.

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July 2022

🤝 When selecting a podcast player link from the welcome email, subscribers will see an interstitial page. This will include a QR code and support link to help them if they’re having problems connecting to their feed.

Note: Podcasters on a custom plan can also opt-in to enable this interstitial page Please contact to enable this for your account.

Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 3.20.46 PM.png

😜 All users will now have fun, unique avatars.

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💵 Your subscribers can donate and send gifts using their existing credit card on file when done from the subscriber area.

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