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âť“About SuperBenefit

SuperBenefit's mission is to develop the social and financial flywheels that enable the invention and acceleration of a better world. This includes strengthening capacities for systems innovation and supporting people to clarify pathways towards shared goals.

SuperBenefit's work includes researching and incubating initiatives that harness the emerging technologies and practice of web3 (DAOs, NFTs, DeFi) in pursuit of systems transformation.

If you're new here, see the Mirror post which outlines our vision and Theory of Change.

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See each project description for details of the person to reach out to on Discord for more information.

SuperBenefit Projects

DAO networks ~ a series of articles

This series of 5 (and counting) Mirror posts outlines SuperBenefit contributors’ research into DAOs, networks and centreless governance.

  1. DAOs aren't things... they are flows
  2. Scale and the levers that provide DAOs their power.
  3. DAOs: From fractal primitives to network scale.
  4. Minimum Viable Permissionless-ness
  5. Building DAOs as scalable networks


In partnership with Crypto, Culture and Society DAO's UnSemester, SuperBenefit contributors Michelle, Heenal and Nate recently developed a four-part series exploring: What do we mean by 'systems transformation'? What's its role in creating better futures? What challenges might hold us back? What are some web3 examples demonstrating the potential of systems transformation?

<aside> ✅ Here is a summary of all links and content from the sessions. For more information about the workshop series, please visit systemstransformation.xyz


Exploring governance for better futures (2).png

SuperBenefit hosted a series of 3 Twitter Spaces “Exploring governance for better futures” in June 2022 to explore how the nature of governance is evolving and to inquire into the governance we need to accelerate the arrival of better futures.

<aside> 📣 For more information about these Twitter Spaces, please visit exploregov.xyz


Listen to recordings of the Twitter Spaces

Twitter Space 1

Twitter Space 2.m4a

Twitter Space 3.m4a

  1. June 2, 2022: Metagovernance - what is it and what's its potential?
  2. June 16, 2022: DAO to DAO - what are we seeing and learning from inter-DAO cooperation?
  3. June 30, 2022: New and old - what can Web3 learn from and contribute to existing governance perspectives and practices?

🧭 SuperBenefit’s Theory of Change

We warmly invite you to read our Theory of Change, and if it strikes a chord, to join us and get involved. Aside from joining one of the projects detailed above, there are 3 main ways you can contribute:

  1. Read and share the Mirror post which outlines SuperBenefit's vision and Theory of Change.
  2. Contribute some ETH towards our mission. In exchange for your contribution, you'll receive a limited edition NFT artwork by the Brazilian phenomenon Roberlan Paresqui, and an allocation of $SPRB, SuperBenefit's fixed supply governance token.
  3. Take us up on one of the 6 invitations in the Mirror post. Join our Discord and introduce yourself. Our Community Experience team will help you find your way.

🎯 Purpose

SuperBenefit's purpose is to embed universal abundance into the core infrastructure of the future.

🗺 Mission

To develop the social and financial flywheels that enable invention, investment, and acceleration of a better world.