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What is $Summer and why it was created

SummerCoin ($Summer) is a token created for change.

  1. We believe cryptocurrency community needs to have more access to simple, easy to understand education about decentralized finance, smart contracts, trading security and more. This means operating a Medium blog, YouTube channel, Twitch streams and TikTok accounts filled with education content that's easy to digest, yet very informative.
  2. We believe the biggest challenge we have to face as humanity is climate change. We will be actively working to promote awareness about the topic and donating 1% of every transaction to charities fighting the climate change.
  3. We believe no coin or token, no matter how good they are, can exist without great marketing. That's why we will be going all in on promoting our token and building a real community. Apart from producing education content, we will be pushing out a lot of crypto content meant for entertainment: parodies, comedy sketches and short videos. This will be the viral pillar of our community outreach.

We also believe in equal chances for everyone. That's why we as developers did not transfer any tokens to ourselves - we have to buy in like everybody else. We want to create something real and long-lasting - that's why we put trust on a pedestal - so everybody can invest and sleep without worrying about their funds.

And why Summer? For us Summertime is a synonym of good times. Vacations, family time, living without worries, hoping that Summer lasts forever.


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