A. The quick and easy version…

  1. Invite Subo the Survey Bot to your Discord server!

2. Run the /poll ****command in the text channel where you want to post the poll. Don’t worry, you can change that channel later and it will not post anything until you confirm you are ready for it.

  1. Fill in the question you want to ask


  1. Fill in the possible answers (aka ‘options’) that your members will chose from. Each answer should be separated by ; No need to add spaces: eg. Unity;Unreal;Blender. 🥸 Feel free to add emojis to decorate the poll eg 🤝Unity;👽Unreal;🥤Blender. ⚠️ Answers must be under 39 characters each (to be readable on mobile devices) and you can add up to 25 answers per questions


  1. That’s it. If you’re satisfied with the question and answer, simply hit ENTER and follow the instructions to review then post your poll with your server default options.



But wait…

Why settle with boring defaults? You can do so much better!

There’s a world of customization waiting to be explored with polls. The way you structure your poll can lead to different outcomes and a different experience for your community.

In the next paragraphs, we’ll guide you through the different options for customizing your poll. This is where the fun of creating a fun and engaging poll begins!

<aside> 🤖 When you first install Subo, it comes with common default settings. You can change these options directly in the /pollcommand (B) or later in Edit mode (C). If you have personal preferences, you can also change the server defaults with the Settings command (see more below in D).


B. More options in the command

  1. While in the /poll command, you can now customize the poll by adding one
Option Description Value if ignored
max_select Maximum number of answers a respondent can select (eg. 1 for a single-select).
Read the Untitled (https://www.notion.so/a2dbc889527646e0a3aa332ad775ee4e) tutorial for more information the question is a multi-select with no maximum (respondents can select all the answers)
start Schedule an automated started by entering how much time from the poll creation you want to start, eg 2h30m to activate the poll in 2 hours and 30 minutes Poll will start when you manually hit the Startbutton in the next step
time_limit How long the poll stays open from its start, eg. 1d12h to close the poll 1.5 day after its start Default time limit defined in server settings (’1 day’ after installation)
vote_change Select Yes to allow users to change their votes
Select No to make their votes final Default defined in server settings (’yes’ after installation)
show_results You can select between:
🔊Public: all votes show in the poll embed
👀Voters-only: votes are not shown in the poll embed, but voters can see them by clicking on the 👀 button after voting
🙈Hidden: votes are not shown to anyone. Only the creator can see results and share them (through /survey>results ) Default defined in server settings (’Public’ after installation)
image Enter the URL of an image you want to show with your post. If you want to upload an image instead, upload it first to a private channel on your server, then copy its link and paste it here. No image added
chart_emoji You can select among several emojis to customize the style of the poll chart: 🟩;🟪;🟦;👍and more seasonal emojis. 🟩
privacy You can select between:
👤 Anonymous: Everyone who can see the embed can see the aggregated results. The full report does NOT show individual answers.
🤐 Confidential: Everyone who can see the embed can see the aggregated results. Creators can also see who voted for what individually with the full report.
🙋 Transparent: In addition to the aggregated results, users can also click the 🙋 button and see who voted what Default defined in server settings (’Confidential’ after installation)
call_to_action This is additional text which is shown before the poll embed. The text can include a ping, an introduction to the question. or just text to motivate your members to answer.
You can include the following fields between square brackets []: