Building a Sturdy future, one brick at a time.

<aside> 👋 Welcome to the Brick Gang! Our mission is to provide leveraged yield farming and high-yield lending to degens across DeFi.

Sturdy is committed to bringing users together via positive-sum interactions, but we could use your help getting the word out!

This Notion is dedicated to our resources, guides, and other relevant links. Looking for protocol mechanics? Check out our docs instead.

How do I get started?

We suggest kicking off with 3 quick steps.

Main Resources

Sturdy 101

Sturdy Brick Gang

Monthly Roundups

Sturdy 4626 Adapter

Sturdy FAQs



<aside> 💡 Sturdy is decentralized. Click on the arrow above to see the projects that have integrated with Sturdy. Governance has been turned over to Sturdy DAO following the $STRDY airdrop.


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<aside> 💡 Sturdy has been shaking up the lending market with a new positive-sum approach, the industry is taking notice, and you should too. Being innovative is in Sturdy’s DNA.