1. API Evolution With CRDs: Best Practices For Authoring & Fuzz Testing APIs - James Munnelly & Andrea Tosatto, Apple
    1. 🙂
    2. using CEL for validating and instead of webhook.
    3. different type of tests for CRD API modeling and Controller, useful
    4. talked none of fuzz testing, weird
  2. Backstage: Shaping the Future Of Developer Experience - Ben Lambert & Francesco Corti, Spotify
    1. 🤩
    2. backstage is a “developer portal”, the tool to improve “DevEx/Developer Experience”
      1. list the services, all service/owned by you
      2. the dependency graph
      3. see CI/CD status
      4. see API definitions
      5. management docs
      6. create new project from template, etc.
    3. maybe I could use it instead of homer
  3. Chaos Engineering Applied To the FinTech Domain - Rajeshwar Vadheraju, FIS & Neelanjan Manna, Harness
    1. 🤔
    2. basically overview
    3. integration with keptn!
  4. Multi-Cluster Stateful Set Migration: A Solution To Upgrade Pain - Peter Schuurman, Google & Matt Schallert, Chronosphere
    1. 🙂
    2. Standard Manually Operation/Migration
    3. Challenges: Network, Storage, Orchestration
    4. Solutions: Multi-Cluster Services, migration the dependencies (ConfigMap, PV/PVC) of StatefulSet Slice manually/automatically ,”StatefulSet Slice”
    5. KubeView to show the typology
  5. Advanced API Machinery Topics: Aggregated API Servers and OpenAPI v3 - David Eads, Red Hat; Jeffrey Ying, Google; Federico Bongiovanni, Google
    1. 🙂
    2. Mostly introduction and overview
    3. OpenAPI v3 is going to GA
  6. Building Multi-Architecture Images With Buildpacks - Aidan Delaney, Bloomberg & Emily Casey, VMware
    1. 🤔
    2. a very heavy build tool
    3. maybe buildpack caching is much easier to use
  7. Essential Patterns For Designing And Implementing Your Operator - Michael Hrivnak & Austin Macdonald, Red Hat
    1. 🤩
    2. many suggestions!
    3. one interesting thing mentioned, use a Channel Source to reconcile, but I remember that the ctrl.Watch and Srouce in controller-runtime is NOT suggested to extended.
    4. Multi Cluster Client:
      1. Role: Central Cluster and Remote Cluster
      2. controller-runtime have a interface called Cluster and provided a default implementation