<aside> 🤝 This is the template we use to conduct performance reviews here at Streak. Here’s how it works:

  1. Each employee fills out the self evaluation portion of the template. If they have a peer to review, they’ll also fill out that portion. Finally, they’ll provide feedback for their manager and the company.

  2. Managers consider self evaluations, peer reviews, and other feedback and consolidate with their own evaluation and feedback.

  3. Managers meet with employees to discuss.


[Employee Name]

<aside> 🚩 When writing yourself, manager, and peer reviews, focus on behaviors rather than tasks. For example, showing leadership by taking on a new project, supporting your colleagues by mentoring someone, being agile in your approach to a complex problem, etc.


🥅 Goals

How did your personal goals tie into company goals? What impact did they have over the last {goal_period}?

What percentage of each goal did you accomplish?

Were there any additional company goals you impacted you’d like to highlight?

🧘🏼 Review yourself

What went well over the last {goal_period}? What accomplishments were you most proud of?

What's one specific area you'd like to improve? Can you provide a specific example?

Is there any additional feedback you'd like to share?

👬 Review your peers

<aside> 🚩 Fill out these three questions for each peer


Peer Review 1️⃣ Name: {Name of peer}