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July 28, 2022 — “Buyer documents” beta launches! Ramping up on API & CRM integrations and EU data

(1) Beta launch: Search buyer documents for deeper insights

We’ve been busy collecting thousands of documents published by buyers: Budgets, strategy documents, delivery plans, and many more.

Instantly search them to uncover insights to help qualify, understand, and approach these buyers. We will continue to improve this feature, so please share any feedback!

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<aside> 📣 Note: We have coverage across key central, local, & healthcare organisations, but aren’t 100% there yet - this is improving daily. For any buyers we don’t cover yet, you can request for us to prioritise them from the “Documents” tab of the buyer profile (click link above).



(2) Get involved: API and CRM Integrations

Good news! We’re kicking off the project to bring API and CRM integrations to life!

We’re looking for early adopters to work with us and shape the solution. If you’re keen to be one of the first to fully integrate Stotles into your workflow, then register your interest below.

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(3) EU data coverage: Join the club!

We’re in the process of expanding our data sources to include major European Union portals. This expansion will allow you to discover additional public sector opportunities outside of the UK.

It’s early days, but if this interests you, why not be involved in our beta programme?

We’ll give you early access to EU data. You can expect to:

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June 22, 2022 — Stotles just raised a $6.5M seed round led by Headline 🎉