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October 14, 2021 — A brand new Buyer Profile and more speed

(1) New buyer profile

Everybody is unique like a snowflake, that's why we just rebuilt the buyer profile from the ground up to tailor everything on the page to what you are looking for.

<aside> ℹī¸ Check out this 2 minute demo for a full tour!


(2) More speed

Our engineering team has been hard at work replacing our entire query engine to make sure that everything in the app happens... Fast! 🏎


August 16, 2021 — My lists and more detailed email notifications

(1) My Lists

Lists are where you can store tenders and awards that you want to come back to later - a bit like "bookmarks" or "favourites". Click here for a quick demo, or read below for some quick tips!

You can add items to your lists from a number of places - take a look:

Click triangles for images

You can also see the lists that your other teammates create. Anybody can add or remove items from your team's lists, but only the owner can delete or rename the lists themselves.


(2) More control and detail in email notifications

We're updating emails so that you have more control, and more information!