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November 09, 2022 — Stay on top of all your accounts with ‘Saved Buyers’

Our “Key accounts” feature just got a big upgrade! Now, instead of just having one personal list to save buyers to, you can:

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Bonus: We’ve updated our buyer search to help you find the buyers you’re looking for faster!


October 17, 2022 — Discover pre-qualified organisations with ‘Relevant Buyers’ page

We’ve just launched a new page in-app! This page is a dynamic list of buyers who mention the signals that matter to you, so you can focus on the most relevant organisations.

You can filter your relevant buyers by keyword, competitor, partner or CPV code, depending on which signal you want to find related buyers for.

To explore and qualify each buyer in the relevant buyer list, click to their buyer profile and save the buyer. They will now appear in your ‘Saved buyers’ page and form part of your key accounts to track.

Find this new page under ‘Relevant Buyers’ within the ‘Buyer’ tab.

This page is accessible for all users, but some insights including competitor and partner signals are only visibile on Stotles Pro.

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September 20, 2022 — Deep-dive into your network with Partner & Competitor profiles

We’ve upgraded the suppliers tab! You can now see where your partners and competitors were awarded contracts, who they’ve worked with, and where they have been mentioned by buyers- all in one place.

Use this intelligence to:

These features are part of the Supplier Intelligence data type on our Pro plan.

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