A Notion Template for writers to archive learning content and organize notes into a knowledge base.

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How to Use this Template

⭐ How to get this template into your workspace

  1. Click "Duplicate" in the top right corner (top-right 3-dot menu on mobile) to make a copy of this template onto your Notion workspace.

👉 Before you use this template

  1. Look through the databases of this template and understand how all the databases are connected to each other.
  2. Delete all placeholder records from each database.

📚 Adding new Library Items

  1. Import your archive of saved articles or start to use Notion's Web Clipper extension to clip articles and videos into your Library database.
  2. After you clip a piece of content from the internet to your Library database, tag the Library Item and select its Content Type → Use the linked database under "Needs Tagged or Content Type" on this page.
  3. Read/Watch items in your Library database and take notes in the page.
  4. When done taking notes, select all content (CTRL+A) on the page and cut (CTRL+X) to empty the page.
  5. Then select the "Library Item Template" from the list of templates on the empty page. This will populate the Knowledge Base linked database onto the page.
  6. Paste (CTRL+V) the notes and content back into the page underneath the linked database.
  7. Add the most valuable lessons you learned from the Library Item into the linked Knowledge Base database on the page and tag each lesson to categorize them.

🧠 Using the Knowledge Base

  1. Refer back to lessons you've recorded into your Knowledge Base or the Library Items you've collected in your Library by referring to the Areas database when you are interested in a particular subject.
  2. You can also narrow down a subject in an Area by selecting a Tag within it and refer to the Tag's the Knowledge.


Notion - Web clipper for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and mobile

New to Notion?

Notion Training: The Basics

Using relation & rollup properties



The Library database stores all the videos, articles, course notes, etc. that you clip from the internet or transpose from a physical medium. Each database record is known as a Library Item and can be categorized by Content Type and tagged from the Tags database. Use the "Library Item Template" when creating a new Library Item to populate the necessary linked databases on the page of the Library Item.