New updates and improvements to Stora.

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12 September, 2022

Introducing the new Subscription page

Our new subscription page makes it easier to manage your current tenants. It simplifies how unit allocation works, exposes new helpful info, and lays the groundwork for future developments to come.

How it works has changed quite a bit so here’s what’s new to help you get acclimatised to the changes:


We’ve simplified allocation and made it much more obvious. It’s now the first thing you’ll see at the top of a Subscription. If you have yet to allocate a unit it makes it clear what you need to do. Once allocated, it shows you which unit(s) are associated with a Subscription and the status of each. You can assign as many units as you like by pressing Edit Allocation. As always the Allocation is independent of Pricing and will not affect the subscription cost.




Pricing is next up, and now clearly shows a breakdown of what your customer is paying for in their Subscription and how much they’re paying. Previously to change a price you pressed Add/Edit Storage Booked. Now you just press Edit Pricing and you will find the same options available to you there.



Invoices are no longer on a tab and are instead easily accessible below pricing. This section hasn’t changed much, you’ll now find the total amount a customer has been invoiced at the bottom of the Invoices section.