New updates and improvements to Stora.

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10 May, 2023

Changes to how unit allocation works

Units can now be reserved

If you allocate a unit to a subscription before its start date it will now enter a new Reserved state. On the subscription's start date, the unit status will automatically change to Occupied and the customer will be notified that they can move in.


How it works

Things work much like they do today. You will still allocate using the same actions as you do today and the customer gets notified only on their move-in day. The main difference you’ll notice will be in your future data, as reserved units will not count towards your occupancy data until the subscription has begun.

Please note: Units already allocated to existing subscriptions with a future move-in date won’t automatically switch to become reserved. If you wish to change these to be reserved you must deallocate them from the subscription and then allocate again.

Changes to allocation and deallocating

From now on, you'll always add or remove a unit from a subscription one at a time.

To allocate a unit:

  1. If no allocation - select the green Allocate button.
  2. If already allocated - select Add Unit at the bottom of the Allocation area.