#Stop-covid – nowadays this tagline may be found almost everywhere: we may hear it on the radio or see on the television, notice it on the busses passed by or come across it in a shop. But what do people and organisations do to stop the COVID? Do all the customers keep social distance and wear masks? Are you sure that it really helps to prevent the spread of the virus if everyday hundreds of people take the goods by hand and put them back or touch shopping carts and baskets? In terms of the COVID pandemics the likelihood of getting the virus or bringing it home is considerably higher. The only way to remedy this situation is to prevent or reduce customer's contacts with each other and with the store surfaces. After joining our contactless shopping system a shop gets a completely new way of functioning which guarantees virus protection. The shop will not bear the cost for disinfection measures and cases of shoplifting. It will provide its customers with state-of-the-art service of the first-rate quality with a new set of features. Clients, in turn, get the solution to the topical problem of shopping during the high risk of infection period. That is why with Paske your health and safety are in good hands.