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<aside> 🚀 Stoïk wants to become the first cyber-insurtech in Europe Our mission is simple : to provide business leaders with the power to understand and control 100% of their cyber risk.


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💡 Why we started Stoïk

Stoïk was born in early 2021 out of an astonishing realization: how can European business leaders today be still so helpless and vulnerable against a risk as real and as devastating as cyberattacks?

Ever since, we have been obsessed with one idea: to free business leaders from their feeling of powerlessness, thanks to a clear understanding and an intuitive, end-to-end control of their exposure to cyber risks.

How? Through an unprecedented combination of insurance and protection, in an all-in-one digital subscription.

🤝 What we've built so far

In the past few months, we have already:

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Who is behind Stoïk

Originally, we are three co-founders: Jules, Alex and Nico. Later on, Philippe joined us as a very valuable non-executive advisor :

Jules Veyrat, CEO (Sales & Marketing)

Nicolas Sayer, CPO (Front Dev & Product)