Welcome to the Stitch Knowledge Base (a.k.a. the "KB")! We built this resource to help you get answers to your questions about using Stitch, whether you're a patron who has subscribed to a membership, or a business offering a membership to your patrons.

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For Patrons

How It Works

How do I access a membership powered by Stitch?

Where can I find all of my benefits?

How do I redeem my benefits?

Can I gift a membership to someone else?

How do I activate an existing membership on Stitch?

How do I save my benefits dashboard to my home screen?

Account & Billing

How do I change my payment information?

How do I cancel my membership?

For Businesses

How often do membership benefits refresh?

Can I allow patrons to purchase memberships with cash?

How does Stitch transfer funds to my business account?