Thanks for joining us at our very first Stellar Doc Sprint at Meridian 2021, a virtual 2-day open-source guided collaboration event!

🎙️UPDATE: We are very busy reviewing your awesome submissions - those we feel look promising and will be reviewed further by our topic leaders and SDF subject experts will be notified by email before November 26th 2021. Thank you again for your kind patience while we review!

Event Description and materials:

Traditionally, a doc sprint looks at existing documentation and invites contributors to review and find opportunities to add value — whether it’s fixing some grammatical errors or adding some suggested missing steps to make a tutorial work better. For this doc sprint, we've expanded the scope to make space for anyone interested in writing proposals for projects that will help add value to the Stellar network. We’re excited to read about greenfield ideas!

Below you can find great topics to consider, and you can ask dedicated topic leaders for support and guidance when creating your contribution. If your topic of choice is not listed, feel free to take the lead!

In the meantime, make sure to get on our Stellar Developers Discord server, find our DocSprint channel, and chat away. Also, the Stellar developer docs are open source and already set up for contribution, so please feel free to peruse them now, before the event, if you wish.

What to expect for the two days

Join the kick-off session on November 17 at 2 PM PST!

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If you have any questions, please post on the #support channel in Discord and tag SDF.

How to prepare to participate

<aside> ⏰ Mark the dates (11/17 + 11/18) and block some time off to work on your contribution.


<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> Join the discord and find your team members!


<aside> ⚙ If you haven't yet, learn about Stellar, and take a look at all our existing resources and check out the topics below.

Stellar Resources


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Topic leaders

NFTs 🪄

Mint NFTs without the fees! NFTs, short for non-fungible tokens, are unique digital items, and they can represent ownership of artwork, audio, writing, in-game items, really anything. There are advantages to issuing them on Stellar — the network is designed to make asset issuance easy, affordable, and quick; the protocol doesn't rely on mining to validate transactions, so the environmental considerations are different from other blockchains. Join us and contribute with content, tutorials, and more!

NFTs - Ideas for proposals